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Content is king. SEO is queen. But your site is no monarchy, and Google is a jungle.

To have any SEO results on your Webflow website, you need to establish authority in your niche and reign the search engine realm.

To rank on Google, you would have to:

  • Understand the principles and art of SEO
  • Hire a copywriter
  • Make technical SEO fixes
  • Create a content strategy
  • Search & create content ideas
  • Find a reliable SEO consultant
  • Buy backlinks and find a reliable partner for backlinks
  • Rinse and repeat until you’re burnt out

Or you can choose Authority Gorilla

  • No weekly syncs
  • Minimum engagement from you
  • Maximum outcomes
  • Weekly reports
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How it works

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Get an in-house SEO & content production team with a single subscription, along with a guarantee that you can get your money back in the first 30 or 90 days. No more shady SEO contracts.

Fill in the questionnaire

Tell us more about your brand, competitors, and SEO goals.

Our consultants get to work

Our team will prepare a set of ideas and questions to further align your brand and business by brainstorming and reviewing the questionnaire.

Get an SEO audit + content strategy

Get actionable SEO content strategy for the next 6 or 12 months + an SEO audit. All delivered within a month.

We implement the strategy (optional)

Most SEO consultants stop at SEO audit, letting you deal with content. But we've got you covered. Get up to four content pieces per month (blogs, static pages, and more) + up to 2 content piece revamps. All content is researched, written, designed, and uploaded by humans. Monthly reports included.

Meet our team

Misa Vuckovic
Misa Vuckovic
Marketing Expert
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Uros Mikic
Uros Mikic
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Mihajlo Ivanovic
Mihajlo Ivanovic
Content Strategist
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Jessie Fadayel
Jessie Fadayel
SEO Consultant
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Our Studio lives off
Webflow SEO

While not a quick way to get rich, this method can yield impressive long-term results and establish credibility for your website visitors.

For our studio Flow Ninja, this has been the core driver of new business, and helps us generate multiple seven figure incomes each year.

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king of the jungle?

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*We work with a select number of clients and industries at a
time to maximize long-term results.

One plan, unlimited results

Get free tips from our SEO expert.

SEO Strategy and Content Plan for 6 months

A comprehensive site audit + next steps
Six month SEO keyword strategy
Content plan for six months
Technical SEO suggestions
24 suggested content pieces
Money back guarantee
2 hrs SEO discovery workshop
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Need help with implementing the strategy?

SEO Plan

1 Content Piece Monthly
1 content brief
Monthly keyword tracking reports
1 content piece written
Unlimited content revisions
Blog creative designs
Money back guarantee
Content upload via Webflow
1 content refresh monthly (After six months)
Additional 5 hrs of professional SEO writer’s assistance monthly for other writing projects.
30-minute monthly consultations with an SEO expert
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One-off payment:
Billed monthly:

*SEO Strategy and Content Plan is done within first month of our collaboration and is billed at the beginning. Afterwards, you will be billed monthly for the implementation plan, starting second month of our collaboration for six/twelve months. Pause or cancel anytime.

Show Me How
  • Webflow website
  • Webflow development time (Hire Flow Ninja Studio)
  • At least 1,000 monthly visitors
  • A working blog on Webflow
  • Async 1 hour per week to answer questions and review content (We’ll send out questions and content for review weekly for your approval in an written format)
  • Google Search Console & Analytics access

Money Back Guarantee

Unlike other SEO agencies who are just charging a monthly retainer and not guaranteeing shit, we believe that you should pay for our service only if it makes an impact. That’s why you can:

First 30 days

Request a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the SEO strategy we deliver in the first 30 days.

First 90 days

Request a 50% refund if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the content we are delivering after 90 days.

Pause, cancel anytime

Don’t want to continue investing in your brand? Pause or cancel the subscription at any time.


Is this a long-term commitment?

Yes and no. If you want to see any real results, this will be an ongoing investment, but per our refund policy, you can request a full refund after 30 days or a 50% refund after 90 days. You can also pause or cancel anytime.

What if I don’t like the Webflow SEO strategy?

We’ll work together on identifying an SEO strategy that reflects your brand and your values while still giving results. That’s why if you don’t like the first ideas, we can revise them, and you’ll be involved as heavily or as little as you want in the content production part of the website.

Why shouldn’t I hire a full-time in-house Webflow SEO team?

We've done this at Flow Ninja, and it ended up costing us way more money, time, and effort than expected. As great talent isn’t easy to find and hire, our monthly budget quickly rose to around $8k to $10k, thus heavily increasing our monthly expenses.

With Authority Gorilla, you’ll have a single monthly investment. You can pause, cancel or restart at any time.

Do you use AI for Webflow SEO?

AI can be a great “hack” to provide quick wins on Google rankings, but we’re playing the long game. That’s why we use AI to generate ideas, but all content is human-written with your brand and target audience in mind.We’ve found that custom-catered content produces much better results.

We’re making content that people enjoy reading, and happy readers are what Google likes above all else.

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